Stefania x BlackMilk swimwear: Q&A with Stefania Ferrario

Stefania x BlackMilk swimwear: Q&A with Stefania Ferrario

After working with the wonderful Stefania Ferrario on several campaign shoots over the years, we were incredibly excited to collaborate with her on a brand-new swimwear collection that combines Stefania’s personal style with BlackMilk’s signature originality. 

We took a few moments away from the pool to chat with Stefania about the range and all things swim – plus, check out her video where she goes into detail about all the pieces you must get on your bod this summer!

Why did you want to collaborate with BlackMilk on this swim range?

Ever since I tried on my first piece of BlackMilk clothing I fell in love, the stretchy, figure-hugging, yet comfortable fabrics won me over. Their designs and cuts sat so well on my curvier body and made me feel beautiful. I’ve also modelled for BlackMilk a few times over the years and the team is always so wonderful, kind and caring. I knew that a collaboration with them would be a match made in heaven!

What do you look for in a swimsuit?

Depending on what my plans are and where I’m going, I look for different things in a swimsuit. I love the collection we’ve put together as I feel that it has a swimsuit for every occasion, whether you’re after a tan, sun protection, sexier looks or more wholesome ones.

Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?

I thought I had a favourite piece from the collection, but recently my favourite piece keeps changing. I think it really depends on where I think about wearing them. The Pool Party Pink Cap Sleeve Swim Top with the Pool Party Pink Tie Side Bikini Bottom was an instant favorite of mine, along with the Pool Party Lilac Cap Sleeve Swimsuit, they lend beautifully to photos with their sparkle. However, now I’m leaning towards the Pastel Leopard two-piece with the adjustable straps…I’m sure my favourite will change again tomorrow though!

Where is your favourite place to swim?

I love swimming in indoor pools, and a lot of the pieces in this collection are made with pool-resistant fabrics. I do like swimming in the ocean but I’m wary of not spending too long in the Australian sun; the racerback one piece would be perfect for my sea expeditions.