Simon Skelly: Day In The Life Of A BM Employee

Simon Skelly: A Day In The Life Of A BMHQ Employee


We didn’t actually notice this at the time of shooting the campaign for The Thirteenth Tarot collection, but one of our staff members snuck into a shot.

Don’t see him? Look more closely:

This is Simon Skelly. He’s a bit of an all-rounder here at BMHQ – wherever an extra pair of bony hands is needed, he’s there to help (gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘skeleton staff’).

Simon obviously wants a moment in the spotlight, so we decided to follow him around for a day in his life at BMHQ.

7:00 AM

After downing a very large coffee (bad idea, goes straight through me), I’m starting my day with the Design and Merchandising teams, helping them put together future collections. (Sorry, no sneaks!)

One thing I love about working here is that my teammates always have my back.

9:00 AM

I’m heading over to Cutting next. This is where we cut out all the panels of fabric that are gonna become finished pieces of clothing. The panel shapes are programmed into this enormous, specialised cutting machine, which then automatically cuts the fabric.

I didn’t work in here for very long today. Someone noticed that I don’t have eyes, and thought it might be a bit dangerous for me to be operating a cutting machine.

10:00 AM 

Time to offer a helping hand to the legends in Printing. We use these big sublimation machines to print artwork onto rolls of paper, and then onto fabric panels.

It gets really hot around those giant presses, but since I don’t have skin, it doesn’t really bother me.

11.30 AM

Finally, lunch time! I’m heading to the kitchen for a break.

I’m absolutely STARVING!

12:00 PM

There are a ton of products that need to be sewn together today, so I’m off to put some time in with the Sewing teams. 

I’m still learning the ropes here, but I’ve been getting a lot of support from our Production Scheduler, Marni. 

12:45 PM

Ummm, excuse me, a little privacy please?

1:00 PM

Marketing asked for a bit of help editing photos. Hmmm, I think I’ll start by making sure you can really see me in the background of this shot.

I’ve been given a stern talk about the importance of NOT sneaking into photo shoots. Whoops.

2:00 PM

I’m finishing up the day in Warehouse, helping to pick and pack orders so they can be posted out to you awesome peeps.

Whew, it’s busy here! There are so many orders to post out, I’m being worked to the bone! 

3:00 PM 

Another day of hard work is done! I’m heading home to put my feet up, eat some snacks and chill out with an episode or two of my favourite show, Bones

Hope you enjoyed spending the day with me!

Love, Simon xx