What message does the Tarot have for you today?

Which area of your life do you feel you most need guidance in?

Which of these prints are you most attracted to?

What’s your perfect drink?

How did your day start out today?

If you could spend the day doing anything you wanted, what would that be?

What message does the Tarot have for you today?
The Death Card

You’re feeling ready to let go of attachments that don’t serve a purpose in your life any more – like a toxic relationship, a hobby that no longer interests you, or that pair of shoes that look good but actually give you blisters every time you wear them. It’s time to move forward with something new.
The Sun Card

You’re totally on the right path, and the universe is gonna make everything come together for you exactly as it should. That means good fortune, success for your goals and most likely a really, really good hair day.
The Wheel Of Fortune Card

Your destiny is knocking on the door. Whether it’s by luck or by you seizing an opportunity, big changes are coming your way: a new position, a new prospect, maybe even a whole new wardrobe. Whatever it is, this is your moment to shine.
The High Priestess Card

This is a good time to be still, reflect and listen to what your inner instincts are telling you. In other words, a great day to stay in bed, read your favourite book, and eat your favourite snacks. And if someone accuses you of being lazy, just tell them it’s your destiny.
The Moon Card

This is a card of illusions, which means things might not be all that they seem to be. This might be a time to admit some hard truths to yourself – like the fact that chips aren’t actually healthy just because they are technically made from a vegetable.