Can you survive The Harvest?

You are greeted by a woman who calls herself ‘The Leader’. She asks if you have come for The Harvest. How do you respond?

The Leader tells you to follow her into the house. Inside, a group of young woman are gathered around a piano. The Leader says they will play your favourite song. What do you choose?

After the song, the group silently begins to gather various objects from around the room. One of them approaches you with four coloured candles in her hands. She indicates that you should choose one. Which do you go for?

The Leader exits the house and the rest of the women follow her. Someone gives you a light shove on your back. Clearly you are supposed to go with them. Not knowing what else to do, you step outside the front door and follow the group out into a field of overgrown grass. The women gather in a loose circle, while The Leader stands slightly apart from them. They turn to look at you. Where do you go to stand?

The Leader raises her hands to the sky and the women begin to chant. Dust swirls up from the centre of the circle, spinning into a tornado-like form. The chant echoes back through the corn fields, becoming louder and louder. The Leader cries “Now, it’s time for The Harvest to begin!” She turns to you. “Will you join us?” How do you respond?

Can you survive The Harvest?
You become the new Leader

As the chanting reaches its crescendo, you make your move. You turn to The Leader and shove her into the centre of the circle. She screams as the dust tornado envelops her, picks her up and carries her into the corn fields. She is never seen again, but the group is so impressed with your boldness that they nominate you the new Leader. You immediately begin preparations for the next Harvest...
You fall into a pool of sharks

You panic and decide to make a break for it. You run as fast as you can away from the group, unable to see a thing in front of you with the dust that’s swirling all around. Unfortunately, you fall right into a pool of sharks, and are nommed to death.
You are assimilated into the community

The chanting grows louder and louder, and almost without realising it is happening, you find yourself joining in. Hands clasp yours, and you clasp them back. You are one of them now, and you will be forever...
You escape the property

You use the cover of the dust tornado to slip away into the cornfields as quickly and as quietly as possible. For hours, it seems, you creep among the stalks, hiding, listening to the voices of the group as they search, crawling away as they come closer. Finally, all is silent apart from the whispering of the corn, and you realise they’ve given up looking for you. Eventually, you come out of the corn field near a road, where you are able to flag down a passing car to take you to a local mechanic.