Are you destined to become a punk rock star?

What’s your position in the band?

What graffiti are you most likely to leave on the green room wall?

What vehicle will you use to get to gigs?

What special requests will you demand be met for every gig?

What’s your signature on-stage move?

Are you destined to become a punk rock star?
You give it all up

You make it big, but then decide that being rich and famous isn’t very punk at all. You redistribute your wealth, hide your identity and go back to thrashing it out in the underground bars and garages you started out in.
You start a new society

While on tour, the plane your band is travelling in crashes into the ocean. You find yourselves on the shores of a deserted island. Realising that you now have the opportunity to create the anarchic society you always dreamed of, you decide to make your life there. You may not be able to play to the huge crowds you used to, but the island’s crab population has fully embraced the spirit of revolution you’ve brought to their previously oppressed lives.
You go mainstream

After seeing one of your gigs, a record producer approaches you with a major offer – but they want you to take your music in a much more bubblegum pop direction. You accept – and while your previous punk rock fans might call you a sellout, you’re pretty comforted by your eight mansions, private jet and shelf full of Grammy awards.
You find a new career

After a brief period of success with a song that is unfortunately destined to become a one-hit-wonder, you hang up your guitar and open a punk-themed fish and chips shop called “Cod Save The Queen”.