Which Sea Creature Are You?

Which Sea Creature Are You?

Are you a mythological beast, a deep ocean predator, or is your home above the waves? Take our quiz to find out…

What is your best quality?

Where would you most like to live?

What kind of competition are you most likely to win?

What’s a sea creature's best accessory?

What’s your favourite weekend activity?

Which sea creature are you?
You’re The Kraken

People seem to be a little intimidated by your loud voice and boisterous nature, but really you just want lots of hugs. Big, hull-cracking hugs.
You’re a mermaid

You are sweet, fun-loving and playful. You love nothing more than to frolic in the ocean, spend time with your friends and surround yourself with bright, shiny things.
You’re a sea witch

You love the ocean so much, you devote all of your time to learning how to totally command it. Sea creatures, sailors, the waves themselves – all are at your mercy. The only question is: are you a good witch, or a bad witch?
You’re a pirate

Yep, yer a pirate! You prefer to live above the ocean than under it – navigating the waves, swashbuckling your way through battles and drinking plenty of rum. Yarrrrr!