Which Sanrio character are you?

Pick your perfect weekend.

How would your family describe you?

What’s your favourite food?

What’s your go to outfit?

My favourite hobby is:

Which Sanrio Character Are You?

You are most like Gudetama, everyone’s favourite lazy egg. You know how to keep it real, and don’t take life too seriously. That’s why we love you!

You are most like Cinnamoroll! You might not be able to fly through the air like this cute pup, but you love sweet treats, and meeting new people. You might be shy at first, but are actually really friendly when people get to know you!
Hello Kitty

You are most like Hello Kitty! You love spending time with family and friends. You’re also very dedicated to your skills and hobbies, and have big dreams for the future!

You are most like Kuromi, the most mischievous Sanrio friend. You have a tough exterior, and love to push the boundaries, but you’re secretly a big romantic at heart.