Which Monumental Museum Artefact Are You?

Which Monumental Museum Artefact Are You?

Which ancient artefact from the latest Monumental Museum are you? Take the quiz to find out, and don’t forget to share what you got on social so we can share in the fun with you.

Where would we find you on a typical Friday night?

If you could have any job in the world, what would you be?

Which of these is highest on your travel bucket list?

If you could only wear one print or colour for the rest of your life, what would it be?

You have the TV to yourself for once, what are you watching?

Which Monumental Museum Artefact are you?
Rawrsome Short Overalls

You’re a big kid at heart, and totally obsessed with prehistoric pals. Especially when they’re this cute.
Take My Monet 3/4 Sleeve Squared Up Mini Skater Dress

Your friends love travelling with you because you’re an expert on all things art and history. You’re super creative, and consider daydreaming an essential activity on your daily to-do list.
Ouija Overalls

You probably got banned from going on school camps as a child because you taught everyone how to talk to ghosts. But whatevs, you’re really good at it now.
Galaxy Emerald Sheer Midaxi Dress

You’re fascinated by all things space, and may or may not have been involved in storming Area 51. You could make a small documentary about all the UFO sighting you’ve made over the years.