Which Kind Of Doomsday Prepper Are You?

Which Kind Of Doomsday Prepper Are You?  

In the spirit of our post-apocalyptic Wasteland release, we thought you outta know what kind of doomsday prepper you are.

You find out the world is going to end next year. What’s your biggest concern?

Your favourite room or area in the house is:

What’s in your bug out bag?

In your spare time, we would find you…

In your friendship group, you’re the one who always:

Which Kind Of Doomsday Prepper Are You?
The Pantry Prepper

You love food, and it’s something you just won’t live without, even in the end times. To be fair, none of us can live without food, so this is a pretty smart move. Your biggest priority is keeping up food stores, and even learning to grow your own food. Now the only question is, are you going to share?
The Homesteader

When the end comes, you’re staying right where you are: in your home! Although, it’s more or less a fortress at this point, so you feel pretty safe with that decision. You have all the creature comforts you need, and you’ll be safe from whatever is going on outside. Now you just need to decide which of your friends you want to let in with you when the time comes… Choose carefully.
The Economic Collapse Prepper

You’re prepping for a potential future where money as we know it becomes worthless. You might be stockpiling an alternative currency or high value items that could be bartered. We hear shiny leggings might be in hot demand in the future…
The Tech Disaster Prepper

We might have escaped Y2K, but that doesn’t mean something like this couldn’t still happen in the future, right? You’re taking precautions in case internet access goes down worldwide, or a computer virus wipes out all our devices. Just make sure you get your friends in on the prepping too, or else you’ll have no one to like your photos after the end times come.