Which Era Do You Belong In?

Which Era Do You Belong In?

Do you ever feel like you should be living in a different time? Our upcoming vintage-inspired collection Vanity Flair is all about embracing the past – find out which decade you truly belong in by taking our quiz!

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Which Era Do You Belong In?

You like the innocence of a simpler time: hot cars, cold milkshakes, high ponytails and huge poodle skirts. You’re probably the nana of your friend group, but like, a COOL nana.

All you wanna do is tune in and drop out. Your greatest regret in life is that you weren’t at Woodstock. Unless you were, in which case: can we hang out and hear your stories?

In your mind, music peaked with disco and you wish people still broke out The Hustle at nightclubs. For some inexplicable reason, you enjoy eating food encased in lots of gelatin.

You’re all about excess and flashiness. You like synthesisers, big shoulder pads and you are totally stoked that mullets are in fashion again.

Whether it’s because you can’t quite let go of your youth or because anti establishment ideals seem relevant again, you just want to live in a world of grunge fashion, rock music and double denim on the red carpet.