Which BlackMilk print are you?

Which BlackMilk print are you?

Take our quiz, and we’ll tell you which of our prints you are (hint: they’re all awesome)…

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Which BlackMilk print are you?
Skull Bouquet

You’re a bit dark and mysterious, just like this goth-but-pretty print.
Dandy Lions

Like this adorable hand-drawn art, you’re quirky, fun and cute. You probably appreciate a good pun, too.
Floral Coral

You’re a nature-lover who appreciates all the beauty in the world, like this stunning glowing coral.
Galaxy Amethyst

You’re totally out of this world (and just a little bit nerdy), just like this epic galaxy print.
Fairy Book

You’re a total work of art, just like this classic Arthur Rackham masterpiece.
Desert Flower

Like these pretty, bright florals, you’re feminine, bold and all kinds of fun.