Where will The Fast Life take you?

Where will The Fast Life take you?

Sometimes you’ve just gotta take the fast lane – but what is your destination? Take our quiz to find out!

What’s your speedy vehicle of choice?

Which of these are you going to fuel yourself with?

Who is your ride or die?

Which film do you find most exciting?

Which action-packed activity are you planning for the weekend?

Where will The Fast Life take you?

You become a paleontologist who famously discovers a new species of dinosaurs – which were actually intelligent. You are now working on extracting their preserved DNA from an ancient piece of amber, with a view to bringing them back to life. What could possibly go wrong?

You become a landscape artist – and not just any old landscape artist. Your paintings magically become actual portals to the places they depict! People pay you thousands of dollars to be able to teleport all over the world. Now you are wondering: what happens if you paint something from another dimension?

You live out your dreams of being an oceanographer – and even better, on one of your explorations you discover that mermaids are ACTUALLY real. They show you their underwater kingdom, but frustratingly, refuse to let you take away any evidence of their existence. Perhaps that’s for the best...

You become an astronaut at just the right time to become the very first person to ever visit another solar system! You see many strange and wonderful things out there, including a mysterious race of extraterrestrial beings who want you to deliver an important message to humanity...