What’s your fairytale ending?

What’s your fairytale ending?

Being a fairytale princess sounds like a dream come true – but is it? Take our quiz and find out whether you would live happily ever after…

It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon in the castle. Where can you be found?

That night, you are asleep in your castle bedroom when you hear shouts from all around you. A dragon is circling above! What do you do?

A few days later, you are invited to watch a tournament at a neighbouring kingdom. How do you plan to travel there?

While you are preparing to leave for the tournament, you receive a strange note that says “We must speak. Come to the abandoned hut in the centre of the forest. Signed: A Friendly Stranger.” What do you do?

The hut seems totally empty when you get there. You poke around the dusty, broken furniture a bit, wondering if you should just go back to the castle. Suddenly, an old woman appears at the door, wrapped in a shawl. She gives you a kind smile. “Oh my dear, I am glad to see you. I got lost in the forest, and I need to sit down and rest. May I come in? I have an apple pie I can share with you.” What do you do?

What’s your fairytale ending?
You sleep for a thousand years

Oh no, you fell victim to a spell that made you sleep for a millenia! Since you love sleep more than anything, you aren’t really mad about it – in fact, when some ‘prince’ guy decides to break the spell by kissing you, you tell him off for waking you up and kick him out of the room.
You save the kingdom

You’re not one to sit around and wait for someone else to take charge – when you saw that the kingdom was in danger from evil forces, you took it upon yourself to show them who’s boss. You’re given a hero’s welcome on your return to the castle.
You move to the forest with your animal friends

You realise that you’re much happier with your retinue of furred and feathered companions than the people in the castle, so you spend the rest of your life with them in the forest. You become really, really good at climbing trees.
You become the wicked witch

You were never really destined to be the good little princess – you want a much more interesting life than that. Your magic powers grow so much that the whole kingdom has come to fear you, but because you’re not really that wicked, you mostly leave them alone. Well, there was that one guy that you turned into a toad, but he totally deserved it.