What should your next party theme be?

What should your next party theme be?

It’s party season – but what kind of party do you wanna throw? Take our quiz to find out…

Where will the party take place?

Which signature cocktail do you want to serve?

What music will you play?

Will there be dancing?

How do you want your guests to describe the party afterwards?

What Should Your Next Party Theme Be?
Rubik’s Cube Party

If you like colour and 80s fads, this is the party for you. Your guests will come dressed in a rainbow of colours, and gradually swap clothing throughout the night so that they end up dressed head-to-toe in a single colour – just like a living Rubik’s Cube!
Masquerade Ball

Indulge your desire for an eleganza extravaganza with gorgeous clothing, elaborate masks and formal dances. The best part is, no one will know who is who...
Glow Up Rave

Neon all the things! Cover everything in fluorescent paint, bust out the UV lighting, don your shiniest gear and turn the music UP!
Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Whodunnit? Pick a victim, assign a murderer and watch your guests put their detective skills to work to figure out the culprit. Plus, FOOD!