What should your fashion vibe be for 2022?

What should your fashion vibe be for 2022?

It’s a brand new year, which means a chance to try out something new. Take our quiz to find out what fashion vibe you should be rockin’ in 2022!

What is your new year’s resolution?

What are your Saturday night plans?

If you could have a wild cat as a pet, which would you choose?

What’s your favourite time of day?

What’s the first thing you do when your alarm goes off?

What should your fashion vibe be for 2022?
Sporty After 5

This year is going to be all about turning expectations on their head. To that end, you resolve to rock your active wear only at after-5 parties and events – yep, even the formal ones. You’ll save your cocktail dresses and ball gowns to do your morning coffee runs and yoga classes. I mean, hasn’t time lost all meaning in the last three years anyway?
Fashion Chameleon

Choose your outfits based solely to match the decor you’ll be wearing them in. That way, you can literally blend into your surroundings, which means you can amuse yourself by listening in to conversations and spooking people by suddenly materialising out of the wallpaper like some sort of very well-dressed ghost.
Foodie Accessoriser

You’re really hungry to change up your look this year. In fact, you’re just hungry. Kill two birds with one stone by accessorising your outfits entirely with food. Need a purse? Hollow out a loaf of bread. Could your outfit do with a hat? Plonk a pie on your head. It’s not only fashion-forward, it’s totally practical – and delicious.
All-Black Everything

For the fifth year running, you decide that black really IS the new black. But could this be the year to take your obsession with the world’s easiest style colour to whole new levels? Not only could your whole wardrobe be monochromatic, your whole life could be. Yep, 2022 is the time to embrace milkless coffee, squid ink pasta, black cats and so much eyeliner you should probably buy stocks in it. Who cares if everyone around you starts to wonder if you are actually a vampire?