What Kind Of Angel Are You?

You’re sent on a mission to Earth. What’s the first thing you do when you get there?

Where would you choose to live?

If you were a human, what profession would you most like to have?

What do you value most?

What is your greatest wish for humanity?

What Kind of Angel Are You?
A Guardian Angel

You’re all about helping people and protecting them from harm. In angel form, you would spend eternity making human’s lives better, no matter how short they were.
An Archangel

You’re a born leader and the very definition of a ‘boss’. As an angel, you’re at the highest echelons of divine power.
A Fallen Angel

You’re a rebel who’s got an eye for mischief. Your angel persona would have turned from the heavens in search of something more interesting.
A Cupid

You love love more than anything else in the world, and want to see people happily partnered up in bliss. Your angel self would be the ultimate matchmaker.

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