What Is Your Yearbook ‘Most Likely To’?

What Is Your Yearbook ‘Most Likely To’?

It’s the end of the school year at Unicornia High! Take our quiz and grab your yearbook to see what you’ve been voted ‘Most Likely To’…

What does your typical Saturday morning look like?

You just found out that your best friend got the dream job that you applied for as well. What do you do?

How would your friends describe you?

Which dessert do you most want to eat?

Up for a game of tennis?

What Is Your Yearbook ‘Most Likely To’?
Most likely to...create a masterpiece that’s unappreciated in your time.

Your artistic talents will lead you to create something incredible – but no one will seem to realise it until 2235, when you will posthumously shoot to fame and find your place in history.
Most likely to...start a whole new trend of cheerleaders in eSports.

Your love for video games will lead you to the exciting world of eSports – but not as a player. You’re so good at hyping others up, you will start a cheer squad for your local eSports team – and pretty soon, every team will have their own cheerleaders who are as well known as the players themselves.
Most likely to...go through a portal into a fantasy world.

You read so much sci fi and fantasy, it’s almost inevitable that you will one day slip through a portal into one of the worlds you spend so much time in – and have the adventure of a lifetime.
Most likely to...join an award-winning synchronised swimming team.

You love team sports, and you will soon find yourself drawn to the unusual world of competitive synchronised swimming. With your natural athleticism, you will quickly be part of an elite, award-winning team – and soon discover that the secret to their success is that they are all actually mermaids.