What Happens To You In The Cultists’ Clubhouse?

What Happens To You In The Cultists’ Clubhouse?

You stand outside the door of a tall, dark building. You are not quite sure why you are here, but the address came to you in your dreams and a voice urged you to follow it. 

Before you get a chance to knock, the door opens. The person on the other side nods wordlessly as if they know you, and beckons you to follow them inside. You find an ordinary-looking group of people, lounging around in what appears to be a sort of clubhouse.

Still, you feel that perhaps you made a mistake coming here. You turn to open the door and leave, and find that it is locked…

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What is the first thing you do when you realise you are locked inside?

A woman emerges from the shadowy corner and holds up her hand. “I am sure you have many questions. There will be a time to ask them, but it is not now. Now is the time to play.” With that, she leads you over to a pool table and hands you a cue. It is set up rather unusually, with a green, red, black and blue ball set near the four corner pockets, each equidistant from the white ball in the centre. The woman indicates that you should take a shot at one of the balls. Which do you choose?

You sink the ball straight into the pocket with your shot – much to your surprise. You hear murmurs and whispers around you. “Perhaps they are the one we have been waiting for,” one person says quietly to the woman who greeted you. She nods, takes you by the hand, and presses a button on the wall. The door to a secret passage opens before you. She leads you down a dark staircase. You can hear chanting from somewhere below, in a language you don’t recognise. What do you say to the woman?

The woman doesn’t respond. You’re getting kind of used to that. At the bottom of the staircase, you can see a hallway with arches that go into different rooms, each glowing with candlelight. The chanting grows louder, and you can hear a faint splashing noise as well. The woman turns to you. “We will now begin the rituals,” she says. “The Binding. The Dreaming. The Listening. And The Channeling. Which will you undertake first?” It doesn’t sound as though “none” is an option...

Time passes. You are not sure how much, because you have no memory of what happened after you made your choice. You suddenly find yourself in a circular room, a round pool of water at its centre, lit only by a brazier beside the pool. The water bubbles and splashes as though it is boiling, or as though something is moving beneath the surface. You are surrounded by cloaked figures who chant incessantly. You still don’t understand the language, but you hear the word “Cthulhu” repeatedly. The woman who led you here turns to you “Speak the final words!” she commands. What do you say?

What happens to you in the cultists' clubhouse?
You raise Cthulhu from his death-like slumber

Did you actually manage to say the right words? Or was the process already underway? Either way, you are shocked when an enormous, scaly creature rises from the pool of water, ready to rule the Earth. You’ve got a REALLY bad feeling about this...
You escape before the ritual is complete

You don’t give the weird chanting cultists a chance to respond – you run forward and tip the brazier into the pool, plunging the room into darkness. You hear angry cries behind you as you run for the staircase – and something else. A guttural, unworldly scream. You don’t stop to wonder what could make that kind of sound – you race all the way back to the front door, which is now unlocked. Hugely relieved, you open the door and run as far away from the building as you can, vowing never to return.
You fall into the pool and are nommed by sharks

It only takes one step in the wrong direction. Suddenly, you are plunging into darkness, deep under the water. Surprisingly, there is no otherworldly creature dwelling beneath the surface – just a few hungry sharks, who promptly nom you to death.
You realise that it was all an elaborate role-playing game

There is a collective moment of silence after you speak – and then the room erupts into laughter. The “cultists” start removing their cloaks, chatting and laughing casually, some clapping you on the back with a smile as they head for the door. “Well, that was your first game of “Cthulhu Awakens”,” the woman says brightly. “Hope you had fun! We play at this time every week. Want to go upstairs for drinks?”