What happens on your next adventure?

What happens on your next adventure?

You’re all packed and ready for the next expedition into the unknown – what fate awaits you this time? Will you uncover some Lost Treasures, or something a lot more dangerous? Take our quiz to find out…

What must-haves will you pack?

What’s your favourite way to get from A to B?

Which film will you re-watch before you go?

How would your friends describe you?

Where will you spend your retirement?

What happens on your next adventure?
You awaken the dead

After weeks of trekking across desert, nights of camping in the shadows of pyramids (and one very memorable incident with a cantankerous camel), you discover a hidden temple that no human has laid eyes on for thousands of years. You explore the maze-like interior and quickly discover why the entrance to the temple was so well-sealed – the cursed mummy of an ancient Egyptian priest lies within, and you’ve just woken him up!
You solve an ancient mystery

While browsing through your favourite second-hand bookstore, you find a dusty tome with a very strange binding – wait a minute, is that actual human skin?! Inside are inky pages, filled with text written in a language you think may be a form of Old English. You take it to your linguist friend to translate, and after a few weeks they send you an email with this subject line: “Ever heard of the Holy Grail? You’re never going to believe this…”
You recover a mysterious artifact

The phone call comes late at night, but you are always ready to go at a moment’s notice. So when they say “Your country needs you…” you are out the door in minutes. Within weeks, you’ve infiltrated the smuggling ring, fought a few tough gun battles (and found time for a little romance along the way), and recovered the mysterious artifact...the question is, do you give it back to the authorities?
You get rich!

You were sailing around the Greek islands when a squall came out of nowhere and wrecked your boat! You wake up on the shore of an island you are sure isn’t on the maps. A crumbling ruin lies above you – but even as you watch, the cracked stone becomes whole, the paint brightens and the structure stands tall, just as it must have been a thousand years ago. A beam of light shines down into a corner of the building. You follow it to where it ends on the pristine marble floor – and just as you reach down to touch it, the building becomes a ruin again, and you are standing on dirt. Impulsively, you begin to dig at the spot where the beam of light shone, and find a chest full of treasure!