What are you getting for Christmas this year?

What Are You Getting For Christmas This Year?

What will you find under the tree this year: the ultimate gift on your Christmas wish list, or something COMPLETELY unexpected? Take our quiz to find out!

What’s your favourite pre-Christmas activity?

Which is the best Christmas food?

Which of these weird celebrity Christmas albums do you most want to listen to?

Who do you want to find yourself under the mistletoe with?

Which of these do you definitely NOT want to receive for Christmas?

What are you getting for Christmas this year?
A never ending box of cookies

The ultimate gift for someone who loves food as much as you do! Eat one cookie, and it magically reappears! Eat a whole box of cookies, and you instantly have a whole new box! Wow, technology sure has come a long way.
Santa’s sleigh

Yep, because you truly embody the spirit of Christmas, Santa’s ACTUAL sleigh is all yours now! It’s great for travelling places really fast – and all you have to do is distribute gifts to every home in the world one night a year. Oh, and feed the reindeer, otherwise they get a bit cranky.
A shiny new wardrobe

You’re such a festive fashionista, you deserve a whole wardrobe full of shiny, awesome gear that makes you feel amazing. Or at least a BlackMilk gift voucher…(pssst...show this to someone who needs a little hint!)
A lump of coal

Uh-oh, somebody got themselves on the naughty list this year! Hey, at least you had fun getting there – and you can always treat yourself to your own Christmas presents, right?