The Artwork of Moonchild

The Artwork of Moonchild

Along with the original artwork created by our super talented in-house graphic artists, we also collaborated with five external artists to create some of the epic prints you’ll find in our Moonchild collection. Read on to find out a little more about these fantastic artists and the works they have created.


Corina Nika is the designer and illustrator behind the brand Cocorrina, and she lives a dream life on the island of Kefalonia with her husband, son and cat. She says that her brand is “inspired from the mystery of the unknown and unseen magic, to the beauty of the moonlight.” There’s certainly a lot of magic in the pieces she created for Moonchild – the October’s Moon Evil Tee Dress and October’s Moon Robe, and the Death Long Sleeve Oversized BFT. 

You can see more of Cocorrina’s stunning artwork and learn more about her on Facebook or her two Instagram accounts: and @dfemtarot

Caley Hicks

We previously collaborated with Caley Hicks in our 2020 Halloween collection, where she created the artwork for the popular Feline Spooky pieces. We loved her work so much, we just had to get her on board again for Moonchild with the adorable Not So Spooky Bats Short Overalls. Check out more of her work on Instagram and Twitter.

Ashizawa Muneto

Ashizawa Muneto is the author of two illustrated books: Futeneko and Rock-Chan. The same quirky cat characters in Futeneko appear as space explorers in the Futeneko Evil Tee Dress, Futeneko Longline Evil Tee Dress and Futeneko Tie Front Tee. Although he creates lots of his illustrations on an iPad, Ashizawa Muneto uses copic markers and paper to sketch his traditional designs. Follow him on Twitter to see more!


Cryptovolans – also known as simply Crypto – is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, and currently lives in Boston, USA, where they design apparel alongside being an illustrator and writer. Their art-nouveau-inspired Crypto Constellations Sweet Frill Dress and Crypto Constellations Cuffed Pants feature star-studded foxes, bunnies and pegasi – so cute! Check out more of their work on Instagram and Twitter.


Aigul was born and raised in Kazakhstan, and also spent time in Moscow and India. She dreamed of becoming an artist from a very young age, and now specialises in creating illustration and patterns in home decor. She says that she aims to share emotions through her patterns, and created the incredible celestial artwork for the Mysticism Business Time Shirt and Mysticism Velvet Mini Strappy Dress. You can see more of Aigul’s work on Facebook and Instagram.