Take This Quiz And We’ll Find Your Perfect Outfit

Take This Quiz And We’ll Find Your Perfect Outfit

Let’s face it: sometimes choosing things is hard. Like, should I have chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream with sprinkles? (The answer is always: both.)

The good news is that we can totally take the guesswork out of finding your perfect new outfit. Just take the quiz and we’ll nail your style!

Which home decor style speaks to you the most?

It’s crafternoon time! What are you going to make?

What kind of music is guaranteed to get you dancing?

What is something you never get tired of reading?

If you could wear your perfect outfit anywhere, where would it be?

Take This Quiz And We'll Find Your Perfect Outfit
Glam Witch

You like to embrace the darker side of life. You have an interest in the occult, and like your clothes to strike just a little bit of fear into the hearts of your enemies. In other words, you are one badass witch, and you need an outfit that lets everyone know just that. Shop the look: Witch’s Altar Apron Dress, Black Business Time Shirt
Art Aficionado

From the works of the old masters, to awe-inspiring (if slightly inexplicable) modern pieces, you’re an art lover through and through. Your perfect outfit celebrates your artistic flair, and shows everyone just how cultured you are. Shop the look: The Unicorn In Captivity Longline Evil Tee Dress, White Business Time Shirt
Colourful And Cute

You never quite grew out of your ‘unicorns and princesses and fairies’ stage, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Your perfect outfit reflects your colourful personality, and it’s as fun as you are. Shop the look: Ghost Unicorns Scoop Skater Dress, Lilac Professor Shirt
Space Goddess

You might have your feet firmly planted on the Earth, but your mind is always on the stars. You love everything to do with space, celestial objects and science fiction. Your perfect outfit is a dreamy reminder of all the worlds that exist beyond our own. Shop the look: Moon Child Short Overalls, Black Business Time Shirt