Steal Her Style: Immy To Be

If you don’t already follow Super Sharkie Immy_to_be on Instagram, you should go do it now. Go on – we’ll wait here til you get back.

You see why? Immy puts an insane amount of time and effort into reviewing BlackMilk gear for the benefit of her fellow Sharkies – she’s the guru who will tell you (honestly) everything you need to know about fit, cut, fabric and how to style those pieces you have your eye on.

Immy has tried on just about every single shape we’ve ever made, so we thought it was time to ask her: what are your absolute faves, and why?

Midi Dresses

I just can’t go past a midi dress. They make me feel like an absolute queen and like I can take on the world… maybe even a strong wind (no flashing of knickers with the longer skirt! Aha!).

There’s just something so beautiful and uplifting (hehe) about the nipped in waist and the flowing fabric of a midi falling perfectly over your hips and swishing as you walk. Instant self esteem boost!

Midis are also my ultimate favourite for when I want to look like I’ve put a lot of effort into my look, but in reality have only had a few minutes to get ready. They can also be layered up with a jacket, stockings and boots, which make them wearable all year round!

Off The Shoulder Crops

As a strong believer in body positivity and wearing what makes you happy, my second pick would have to be crop tops.

I own a lot of BM crops, but my favourite style is off the shoulder. It covers just enough for me to feel comfortable whilst still showing off a little skin, and is also a super useful layering piece. I just love that the off-shoulder style is something different and cute, even though it’s such a simple design!

I also like the way this style frames my bust and shoulders, I feel like it makes my boobs look great whilst showing off my curves (gotta flaunt it sometimes!).

Cuffed Pants

This is a style that took me by surprise. I’ve always struggled to find pants that didn’t feel like they were cutting me off or were too loose in the wrong spots. Leggings always felt safe but pants were territory I avoided.

Until now…

I now own at least five pairs of cuffed pants and truly struggle to resist the style. They’re an absolute staple in my winter wardrobe. I love that I can cuff them up, chuck on some boots and a crop and know I’ll not only look great, but I’ll be cosy and comfortable.

The cut of these pants elongates my legs without cutting them off, and they flatter my tummy. I also like that they don’t slide down as I walk – they stay put! And last but not least – they have pockets! They’re a nice depth for keeping my hands warm if I get stuck standing out in the cold.

Plus my butt looks super cute in pants, so that’s a bonus!

Honourable Mentions

Honourable mentions go to maxi dresses and maxi skirts. I live in both of these styles in both summer and winter – there’s just something so comforting about knowing no matter what kind of body day I’m having, these two styles will always make me feel good! I love the lightness of the fabric in summer, and then I warm it up with some sneaky leggings underneath in winter.