Staff picks: Must-watch Netflix

Staff picks: must-watch Netflix

Let’s face it – we’re all doing a whole lotta binge-watching at the moment. If you’re looking for something new to sink some serious couch time into this long weekend, here are some must-watch suggestions from BM team members.


Money Heist (Netflix)

Must watch in Spanish, if you do the dubbed version you are missing out! 

And because it is in Spanish you really have to put your phone down and watch it – which makes the suspense scenes some of the most intense I have seen in a long time. 

Lovesick (Netflix)

Lighthearted British comedy at its best! Charming and hilarious, watch it if you are looking for something fun to fill your day with. 

Broad City (Stan Australia)

My beautiful Kweens. You simply can not go past these feminist icons.

– Eden, Marketing


Dancing With The Birds (Netflix)

Recommended if you’re an animal lover and enjoy a cleverly narrated documentary! I put this on to amuse my 1 ½-year-old and we both sat there mesmerised by these dancing birds of paradise. It’s a nice escape from the current crazy times and if you have a little one you can get them to draw the birds they like the most :)

– EJ, Design


Living With Yourself (Netflix)

Paul Rudd plays both the main character and his clone in this, so if you like Paul Rudd, you get a double dose! It’s the most original premise I’ve seen for a while, and the cinematography when the two clones are in the same scene is so seamless it’s easy to forget it’s just one actor.

Please Like Me (Netflix)

Really good if you want to laugh. Also really good if you want to cry. Aussie comedian Josh Thomas created, wrote and starred in this show about a group of twenty-somethings in Melbourne, which is lighthearted and hilarious but also delves deep into issues around mental health, sexuality and relationships. Plus, his real-life doggo John is one of the stars!

– Talina, Marketing


Beastars (Netflix)

Fantastic anime that’s recently received a lot of hype – really great animation style! Highly recommend the manga right after as well. I binged it all from 6pm to 6am the next day! 

Itaewon Class (Netflix)

A really popular Korean drama that has recently finished up, it tackles some issues that are very controversial in South Korea today (racism, transphobia, looking down on ex-convicts), and is a really encouraging, compelling show that’s hard to pause! 

Black Clover (Crunchyroll) 

If you want magic books, fantastic fight scenes and a classic “underdog” storyline in a refreshingly unique spin, this is the anime for you! ^_^ 

– Dakota, Licensing


Ozark (Netflix)

If you like Breaking Bad, you’ll like this. It follows a family who end up accidently working for a Mexican drug cartel and are trying to not be killed or get caught by the Feds. My fave character is a rad little firecracker named Ruth (Julia Garner).

Miracle Workers – Dark Ages (Stan Australia)

I’m enjoying the second season even more than the first. Daniel Radcliffe is RAD, Steve Buscemi is amazing and so is Geraldine Viswanathan. It’s funny and filled with metaphors that work with modern life as well. 

Better Call Saul (Stan Australia) 

Saul (Bob Odenkirk) is a lovable con man with loads of charisma. You always feel he is trying to do the right thing and it seems as though he has a good heart. Although it’s a spin-off of Breaking Bad, you could watch this without having seen that first (but why wouldn’t you have??)

– Laura, Design