Skirt And Dress Styles Explained

Skirt and Dress Styles Explained

Coming in at a close second to leggings, we’re pretty crazy about skirts and dresses here at BlackMilk. 

We know all the different styles and cuts out there can be kinda confusing, especially if you normally live in pants and are just starting to experiment with skirts more. 

So we’re here to help with a comprehensive guide to all the different skirt and dress styles and lengths you might find around here, plus some ideas on what to pair ‘em with.

High-Waisted Skirts

Like the name suggests, these sit high on your waist, which can make them really flattering on your bod. High waisted skirts look great with crops, a tucked in shirt or belts layered over the top. 

Looks great with:

Cropped tops like our Church Bells Cropped Sweater

Tuckable blouses like our Black Business Time Shirt

School Skirts

We don’t know what school you went to, but at ours, the uniforms were nowhere near this cool. 

When it comes to clothes, school skirts often more closely resemble what adults playing teenagers wear in movies – plaid or tartan prints, pleats and an above-the-knee length. 

These skirts can be styled to look more preppy or more punk, depending what floats your boat on any given day.

Looks great with:

A staple top like our Matte Black Tank Top or Matte Black High Neck Long Sleeve Top 2.0

A-Line Skirts

These skirts get their name from that “A” shape you see, as they are made from structured fabric, and sit high on your waist, tapering out from there. This style is really flattering on just about any body type, and being a classic shape, there’s not much you can’t wear it with!

At BlackMilk, our A-Line skirts normally fall around the upper to mid-thigh.

Looks great with:

A structured jacket like our Black Galaxy Butterfly Blazer

Mini Skater Dresses

The Mini Skater is used in a lot of our dresses, including the Apron Dress and Sheer Tier Dress. It’s simply a little shorter than a classic Skater length – which we’ll get to shortly.

This style of skirt is flowy and made for twirling. It’s also great for peeps who are a little more…ahem…vertically challenged, and therefore often find other dresses a bit too long. 

Looks great with:

Statement hosiery like our Sporty Stripes

Skater Skirts and Dresses

Skater skirts earned their names from the ice rink! They mimic the twirly-goodness of a figure skater’s costume, which naturally makes them super fun to wear. 

This style is traditionally formed using a circle of fabric, gathered into a skirt that sits on the natural waist. Think of them like a shorter version of your traditional vintage circle skirt. 

We use a skater-style skirt on our Inside Out Dresses and Skater Dresses, as well as in separate skirts too.

Looks great with:

Cropped tops like our Sleek Rio Top

Longline Dresses

Most of our Inside Out Dresses and Skater Dresses also come in a longline version. These have extra length in the skirt, for added booty coverage, and are perfect for those who are a little on the taller side. They normally sit slightly above or around the knees.

Looks great with:

A killer pair of platform sneakers

Midi Skirts and Dresses

Midis typically fall just below the knee. They’re longer than a Longline, but shorter than a Midaxi. They’re perfect for office ‘fits, and can bring a little retro glam to your outfit.

Looks great with:

An interesting neckline like our Peep It Long Sleeve Top

Midaxi Dresses

This is a made-up word that describes those dresses that fall somewhere between a Midi and Maxi length. For most peeps, that’s around mid-calf.

Looks great with:

Tall ankle boots and statement earrings

Maxi Skirts and Dresses

This style is designed to go alll the way to your ankles. Maxis will make you feel like royalty, and you can easily make them work for day or night just by changing up your shoes and accessories.

Looks great with:

A fitted, sleeveless basic like our Matte Black Tank Top

So, ready to get some new styles on your bod? Check out all our current skirts here, and lots of killer dresses here!