See How We Made Space Gummies

See How We Made Space Gummies

Oh hi! Welcome to the world famous Space Gummy Factory, a.k.a BMHQ. 

Today we’re taking you Behind The Scenes to show you how we created our Space Gummies print. You might have seen it around once or twice?

Now before we begin, we will warn you, seeing the process might induce intense sugar cravings. Please do not eat the Space Gummies.

Ready? Okay, let’s go! Just don’t forget to put on your holographic safety vest, stuff’s about to get crazy.

Step 1.

The process started with one of our Graphic Artists, Jasmine, hand-making all these little polymer clay models. We know – she is officially too talented.

This took about 24 hours and we-don’t-even-know-how-many individual clay models.

Fun Fact: these models aren’t actually edible, but if they were, they might not have made it through the design process. The Graphics Team has a big collective sweet tooth, and are mostly fuelled by chocolate. And coffee. But mostly chocolate. 

Step 2. 

Next, Jasmine arranged every last clay model into position and photographed them. This was the first step towards getting those real life models into digital format so we could put them on your gear.

This part was a little less painstaking than the clay modelling, but it did take a few goes to get the position of all the gummies just right. It had to be perfect!

Fun Fact: After we were done with the clay models, Jasmine actually made some of them into earrings. Safe to say they were worn A LOT.

Step 3.

Then it was time to transform the photo into a digital print, ready to be sublimated onto our fabric and then sewn into short overalls, skirts and dresses!

This part of the process took Jasmine about 5 hours, after digitally cutting out and colour correcting all the shapes.

Once this was prepped, she made multiple variations of the print, before settling on the final design you know and love (with the help of an office vote).

Oh, and this candy bar design you see? You might find one hiding in the pocket of your Space Gummies gear… 

The whole process of making Space Gummies was very special, as we had never made a design using a method quite like this before. We have had other prints inspired by real objects though. Dana collected a whole pile of antique jewellery to create the Sacred Heart Evil Skater Dress

The Finished Product!

After all that hard work, we get to enjoy the finished product! 

Jasmine wearing the Space Gummies Short Overalls.

Kristy wearing the Space Gummies Reversible Skater Dress.

That concludes our tour of the Space Gummies production line. If it’s got you lusting over some Space Gummy goodness of your own, you can satisfy your cravings here