Roses are red, violets are blue… But how do you find YOUR perfect hue?

The answer, you see, may not be black and white

There is so much to consider; shades of dark and light

Blending them in harmony is an art as old as time

(And sometimes, just a primary pop is utterly sublime.)

Take a walk in nature, and let your eyes explore

A riot of vibrancy, and shades of green galore.

The Impressionists once said “colour is an illusion of light”

We each see it differently; there is no wrong or right.

What colour is your aura? Well, it changes day by day.

Blue for when you’re feeling chill, red for “ready to slay!”

So if you’re still searching, and don’t know where to start

Just paint with your own brushstrokes; that’s what makes it art.

There is no one right answer, there is no one right hue…
Embrace ALL the colours; they make up the perfect you.