Welcome to all who join us: the journey will now begin
A tour through eternity, and those who dwell within
Pay close attention; at the end a question awaits
And the answer that you choose may determine your own fate…


First Circle: Limbo

Choose your path; choose the right and only

Or wander in dark caves, forever cold and lonely…


Second Circle: Lust

An endless, tempestuous storm of the abyss

Awaits those who still wear their last lover’s kiss…


Third Circle: Gluttony

A bath in ice and slush, never-ending cold

For those whose appetite cannot be controlled…


Fourth Circle: Greed

A golden pit, a molten metal touch

Is the ironic fate of those who want too much…


(A circumvention of a vast lake.)

Fifth Circle: Anger

If your temper is quick, and you relish in rage

An endless battle will be your forever cage…


Sixth Circle: Heresy

Eternal entrapment in a flame-filled pool

Awaits those who turn away from common rule…


(A blind entry to a pitch-black cave.) 

Seventh Circle: Violence

Boiling blood, burning sand, torrents of fiery rain 

Are the punishments of those who cause others pain…


(A flight on the back of a winged creature.)

Eighth Circle: Fraud

A dance with demons is the unwanted prize

Of those who work in deceit, and trade in lies… 


Ninth Circle: Treachery

Those who betray the trust of others must pay the price:

Eternity frozen in an endless lake of ice…


Thus the tour has concluded; the time to observe has passed

Now you hear it coming: the question that must be asked…

Being good is good, but being bad is more fun, it’s true…

So which of these nine circles will be the one for you?