From the beginning, it was the two of us. Twin hearts, beating together in the womb. Two halves of one whole. Two parts of the same soul.

We were born under the sign of Gemini, born into the night, where we belong. Born with dark magic running through our shared blood. That’s why they came to us.

They described a life lived under moonlight. They promised us power – over life, over death, over the very fabric of nature. From us, they said, they needed so little in return. A little sacrifice here, a ritual there. Acts of devotion that should come easily, given our born nature.

So we made our allegiance to the night, and to each other. We pay our dues for the powers we wield – and is it so wrong that we enjoy the duties we must perform?

This is the life we were born for. Two creatures of darkness. Two halves of one whole.

Twin hearts, beating together in the shadows.