Monumental Museum Trivia

Monumental Museum Trivia

Time to put your knowledge to the test! What do you know about these ancient artefacts from the Museum?

Our Austen’s Hamlet print is based on an illustration of a play by which playwright?
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BlackMilk Lace Skater Dress
What other colours has the Lace Skater Dress been made in?
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Black, Teal, Aubergine, Lilac, Lemon *inhales* Red and Sky Blue. If you remember them all, we're seriously impressed.

BlackMilk Metamorphosis
Our Metamorphosis print features a design by which artist?
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Takato Yamamoto

The print "Take My Monet" is based on which Monet artwork?
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Spring Flowers

BlackMilk Galaxy Turquoise
True or False: Galaxy Turquoise is based on real photos of space from NASA.
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False! But almost all our other galaxy prints are based on real space photos, pretty cool huh?

Blackmilk Deathly Plaid
How did the Deathly Plaid print get its name?
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The lines in the print are made up of little bones!

BlackMilk Austens Hamlet
Who said “To be or not to be?”
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BlackMilk The Lovers
Which Tarot cards have inspired past BlackMilk prints?
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The Lovers, The Star and The Death

BlackMilk Galaxy Emerald
What collection did the Galaxy Emerald Sheer Midaxi Dress first appear in?
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Feeding Frenzy 2019

BlackMilk Space Gummies
True or False: The Space Gummies print was created by photographing handmade clay models.
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