Available 7am AEST, 2nd November 2021

We’re really just your average family

But Creepmas ALWAYS brings out our sibling rivalry

Some years my sister is too tied up to join in the day

Other years I wish I could just wrap her and give her away

Our love of Creepmas spirit(s) brings us together – for a time

Until an argument breaks out over whether the pudding is hers or mine

Whatever one has, the other wants it more

(And if it’s a new beau...well, it’s all-out war.)

“Wait, her present is bigger? Give it to me!!”

“Or I might just lose it...accidentally.”

Although we’re sweet enough the rest of the year...

At Creepmas, I often wish she would just disappear.

Then again, there’s no one who likes to peek at presents with me more

And without her, Creepmas would just be...a bore.