Meet The Team: Chantel (Senior Graphic Designer)

We have some pretty talented peeps here at BMHQ. In fact, we have dozens of them (we’re pretty lucky like that).

Sometimes, when you’re looking at an end product, it’s hard to comprehend how much work has gone into making it a reality. For example, did you know that lots of our prints are hand-drawn by our very own creative designers? Yup – that awesome piece you are wearing on your bod probably started out with a pencil, some paper, and the stupidly awesome brain of a BM designer.

We wanted to give you a little insight into that world, so we chatted to BM Creative Designer Chantel about her hand-drawn White Wolves print (and yep, you can consider this a sneak peek…)

^^ Artwork in progress!

How long have you been working at BlackMilk?

Coming up to 3 years in July.

Tell us about your process – how do you go about creating a print?

After initial research, I start planning out what I want the overall product to look like.

I then begin with playing with elements with an open mind to see what happens naturally.

After this experimental stage I can see what direction the print needs to take and focus on the end result.

^^ Shhh…artist at work…

^^ Sneaky sneak!

How long did it take you to create the White Wolves print?

In total about three days’ work, including the scanning and Photoshop editing.

Favourite print that you’ve created?

Paper Universe!

What inspires you the most?

Meditating on ideas and seeing what happens in the mind’s eye.

Do you have a hidden talent?

Yes I can grow hair and nails really quickly.

If you had to choose to go for the rest of your life without chocolate, or the rest of your life without cheese, which would you choose?

I would keep cheese.