Let’s chat about cuffed pants!

Cuffed pants are a Sharkie fave and we get so many questions about sizing and stylin’ that we decided to put together a little blog to talk about all things cuffed pants! 

If you’ve been thinking about trying out this killer style – here is your go-to-guide to help you decide!

The low-down: 

– Our cuffed pants are made from a soft and cosy fabric that has a light fleece feel on the inside.
– The waistband does not have elastic – so they’re not going to dig in!
– They’re designed to sit under your natural waist, at a mid-height.
– This style is designed to be a comfy relaxed fit – so they won’t be as tight as your leggings.
– There is a cuff at the bottom that you can leave down or cuff up depending on your preference and style!
– And let’s not forget about pockets – ‘cos we know gals need pockets too!

Team chat!

We had a chat to some of the BM babes who love the cuffed pants style. Meet the gals:

Licensing Coordinator – Dakota (DK)
Height –
Wearing – Small

Why do you choose this size?
I’m in between sizes, so I can opt for either the Small or Medium. Really it just depends on the mood I’m in that day as to which size I wear! If I’m after a good comfy pant, I’ll opt for the Medium, if I want something just a little more fitted, I’ll go with the Small!

Why do you love cuffed pants?:
They’re always comfortable, and they’re so easy to style up in a cool or casual way – whatever mood I’m in :D

How do you like to style cuffed pants?:
Cuff down = tucked into boots (Doc Martens usually!)
Cuff up = any shoe is a go-to!
Berets, beanies, crop tops and bodysuits, sneakers or boots – a good denim jacket to finish the look off!

Anything else you’d like to add?

Print Room Technician – Rachel
Height – 172cm
Wearing – Medium

Why do you choose this size?
I measure as a large for pants, but I prefer to wear M for a more fitted feel when it comes to the cuffed pants style.

Why do you love cuffed pants?:
Pockets! And they’re warm, super stretchy and super stylish! They’re pants which have a more well rounded ability to fit my wardrobe than leggings. You can dress them up and dress them down!

How do you like to style cuffed pants?:
Depending on my mood I either dress to show the pants off or go all out and match. Bright prints with bright frilly socks, roll up the cuffs to show them off with equally bright shoes.
A plain shirt to let the eye fall to the pants is always a great option.
Accessories that match, floral jewellery to match a floral print or colour tones to work with it.

Fave cuffed pants print:
That would have to be the Tartan Candy or the Sugar Tartan. Bright pastels are my life, I adore the colours because they’re something you don’t see everyday. And why not? Pastel looks good on everyone.

Creative Media Producer – Alex
Height – 152cm
Wearing – Small

Why do you choose this size?
Fits me perfectly and they are SO COMFY. I live in my cuffed pants.

Why do you love cuffed pants?:
Super easy to style, they go with my extensive tee collection! Did I mention they are super comfy…

How do you like to style cuffed pants?:
I have a pretty relaxed style so usually I’ll be wearing my cuffed pants with a cute tee, black boots and a denim jacket or a BM cardigan.

Fave cuffed pants print:
Claws Out is my fave!

We’re here to help!

If you’re still a little unsure about sizing, don’t stress – our fabulous CS wizards are here to help! Not only are they magical, they’re Sharkies just like you, so they know how the garments physically fit! If you’re able to send through your measurements (hip, waist and bust) to hello@blackmilkclothing.com and let us know which style you’re interested in – we’ll be able to give you some tailored sizing advice and let you know how you can expect different pieces to fit. We want to help find the perfect size for you that suits your style and preferences!

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