Join the Sassy Nation!

Join the Sassy Nation!  

The A-Sassy-Nation Bodysuit has been an iconic and staple BlackMilk piece since 2013! 

To join the Sassy Nation, you’ve gotta do two things…

1. Make our A-Sassy-Nation Bodysuit yours
2. Be the stylish boss that you are! 

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Sassy Sketches: the history of the ASN Bodysuit  

Let’s jump in the time machine and take a trip back to 2013, when the ASN Bodysuit came to life. (By the way – we have sold almost 15,000 of these bad boys since then. Epic!)

This design came straight out of our founder jL’s fun-filled brain (it’s pretty random in there!). One day jL thought to himself ‘Hmm, I wonder what a badass superhero would wear for undies?’. A few sketches later and this is what he imagined:

We can totally imagine a sexy caped crusader rocking this while saving the world, can’t you? 

And just like that, one of our most recognisable and loved pieces started coming to life. 

We teamed up with our amazing hosiery supplier in Italy because we don’t have the tech or know-how to make hosiery pieces here at BMHQ. There were a few small changes in the finished design, but overall it was pretty close to that first sketch! Check it out: 

Made in Italy!

The majority of our hosiery is made in Italy by specialists in the field. The double needle bar machines that make the hosiery items are massive and look pretty complicated so we leave it to the experts!

Seriously, there is no way these massive machines could fit in our small Brissy HQ…

Product info

This piece is made from a wrap knit hosiery style material, so it’s super stretchy (hello four-way stretch). Being a hosiery knit, it will become less opaque as it stretches and will feel very different to other BlackMilk pieces. 

We make our A-Sassy-Nation Bodysuits in two sizes: S and L. Generally speaking, if you measure as an XXS, XS or S on our sizing chart the size ‘S’ bodysuit is the way to go. And if you measure as a M, L, XL or XXL we recommend the ‘L’ size. 

Ok, but how do you get it on your bod? Two words: crotch snaps! This one has three little snap fasteners so it’s simple to pop on and to make bathroom breaks a lot easier! Just work your head through the neck opening – it looks small but remember it’s super stretchy – fasten those snaps and you’re ready to style this bad boy.

Snap happy! 

Ok, I love it, but how do I style this epic piece?

As this hosiery is not completely opaque we would suggest wearing a bra or top underneath this style (but you do you!). A nude or black bra works perfectly. Go strapless for the most seamless look, or opt for a strapped style for more support – being such a detailed bodysuit you usually won’t notice the straps anyway! 

When it comes to specific looks – well that’s up to you! After all, part of the fun of fashion is styling pieces however you want. But if you want some inspo to get your creativity flowing, check out some of our fave looks we’ve seen with this killer piece.




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