How did you end up at the Stardust Saloon?

How did you end up at the Stardust Saloon?

Once you go to the Stardust Saloon, you’ll never want to leave. You might even forget how you got there in the first place. Let’s give your memory a helping hand to work out what you were doing on that fateful day when your world changed forever.

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stardust saloon

How did you end up at the Stardust Saloon?
Your ride broke down in the middle of the desert

You received a last minute call about a beauty pageant happening 100 miles away. You stole your step mother’s car and drove and drove and drove. About half way there, the car completely kicked the bucket. In the middle of nowhere. Great. You walked for a while until a set of white saloon doors appeared in the distance. You rubbed your tired eyes, and it was still there. That’s when you spotted that sign out front; The Stardust Saloon. And the rest is history. Oh, but by the way? You totally would have won that beauty pageant.
You got a little distracted at work

You were working as the county Sheriff when a report came through of several locals going missing around one area in the desert. You saddled up your trusty horse, and headed for that infamous spot, feeling slightly nervous about what you might find. That’s when you saw a pair of white saloon doors that seemed to come out of nowhere. As you got closer, you saw more of the building start to materialise. Once you stepped inside, you had an instant feeling of relief, like you never wanted to leave. And you didn’t. So yeah, that’s why that random horse follows you around everywhere, you brought him here.
Your skydiving session didn’t go to plan

The average person would be somewhat terrified when going skydiving, and wait until the last possible minute to jump from the plane. But not you, you daredevil you. You jumped out EARLY. And landed where else but the middle of the darn desert. That’s when you spotted a saloon out in the distance. There was nothing else around as far as the eye could see, so you took a chance and stepped inside. And you’ve been there ever since.
You got lost on your holiday road trip

stardust saloon

You’ve always had the travel bug. Who knew you’d find a place that you’d never want to leave? You were travelling across the country by car when you took a wrong turn. All of a sudden your surroundings were looking less “scenic tourist route” and more “desert wasteland”. That’s when you spotted the Stardust Saloon and pulled in to ask for directions. You never did make it to the destination you had in mind, but who cares? This place is the BEST.