How to thread Cargo Pant belts!

How To Thread Cargo Pant Belts!

Cargo pants – you love ‘em, right? So do we! Most of our cargo pants come with a nifty little seatbelt-style belt that can also be removed and worn with other gear (nothing like getting a bonus accessory with your pants!). 

If you’ve ever wondered how exactly to thread the strap through the buckle on these, we’ve created a handy little step-by-step guide for you below.

Step 1. Unthread the strap from the clip buckle

Step 2. Thread the strap end through the pants, starting with the front left side belt loop

Step 3. Make sure the strap is sitting flat around your bod and isn’t twisted

Step 4. Thread the strap up and under through the hole closest to the buckle

Step 5. Thread the strap down through the second hole

Step 6. Adjust as necessary and you’re done!

Step 7. Ooh, your cargos are lookin’ oh so cute ;)

Note: There are other ways to thread your strap when you get to step 4, so experiment and find how you like your belt to sit!

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