How to Style Unicornia High

How to Style Unicornia High

Wanna be one of the cool girls? Claire is here to show you how to style some her faves from Unicornia High – let’s get pastel!

Look #1

Head In The Clouds Tie Front Tee

Head In The Clouds Bow Shorts

White ankle socks

Pastel tartan boots

Look #2 

The Deep Long Sleeve Evil Mini Skater Dress

Black platform lace-up calf-high boots

Look #3

Dangly metallic earrings

Matte Black Racer Tank

Flutterly Cute Summer Pants

Black strappy platform heels

Look #4

Rainbow Universe Stellar Dress

Black lace-up platform boots

Look #5

Small pastel backpack

Unicorn Broderie Peasant Top

Unicorn Broderie Tie Shorts

White lace-up platform boots

Look #7

Ghost Unicorns Sheer Romance Dress

Black ankle socks

Black studded platform boots