How to carve a Halloween pumpkin…errr, watermelon

How To Carve A Halloween Pumpkin…Errr, Watermelon

Our multi-talented photographer Phi wanted to do a little tutorial for you on how to carve a Halloween pumpkin using our Skull Kitty template. Except…when he went to buy a pumpkin, he couldn’t find one. Turns out they aren’t quite in stock here in Australia yet…

Enter the: Halloween Watermelon! Think of it as a tropical twist on the traditional jack’o’lantern, which you know, seeing as it’s almost summer here, is kind of fitting.

Whether you’ve got your hands on a real Halloween pumpkin or want to give the watermelon a shot, go ahead and download our template and follow along with Phi’s video / step-by-step instructions to get your own spooky kitty lantern!

Step 1. Wear the appropriate attire. 

Step 2. Gather your tools.

Step 3. Print and cut out your Skull Kitty template.

Step 4. Trace the image onto your watermelon (or pumpkin).

Step 5. Cut a hole in the top of your vegetable of choice, and scoop out the insides (pro tip: if using a watermelon, the flesh makes for excellent daquiris when frozen).

Step 6. Start carvin’!

Step 7. You got yourself a spooky / adorable skull kitty!

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