How Does Your Trip To The Carnival End?

How Does Your Trip To The Carnival End?

You’re all set for a fun day at the carnival – but how will it end? Take our quiz to find out…

Which ride will you head for first?

Which sideshow are you most curious to see?

Which carnival food will you binge?

Which booth will you test your skills at?

You have one dollar left, where do you spend it?

How does your trip to the carnival end?
You join the carnival

At the end of the day, you don’t want to leave – and decide to make your lifelong dream of running away to join the carnival come true. You happily embark on a new, nomadic life with all your new carnival friends.
You get stuck in the mirror maze...forever

Was the exit this way? Or that? Wait, haven’t I been to this dead end before? It looks like you’ve stumbled into an enchanted mirror maze that has no end. At least you had the foresight to buy tons of candy showbags...
You win the grand prize

Is it skill? Or is it chance? Either way, you’re a winner baby! Lights flash around you and celebratory music rings out across the carnival – the grand prize is yours!
You meet your soulmate

You’ve run into each other all day long – in line for all the same rides, side by side at the shooting gallery, and seated across from each other over a table of identical food. It’s clear you’re kindred spirits, and this is the start of something beautiful.