How did you get on The Naughty List this year?

How do your family and friends describe you?

What's your favourite form of entertainment?

Which one sounds like your ideal day?

What's your favourite part of Christmas day?

Pick your ultimate Christmas outfit

What did you do to get on The Naughty List?
The Leftovers Thief

You committed the ultimate crime. You stole someone's food from the fridge while they were at work. They'd been thinking about it ALL day. You'd better cover your tracks before they get home and work out it was you. But hey, at least nothing goes to waste at your house, right?
The Present Guesser

Your family and friends will say you're the worst person to give gifts too because you always figure out what they are. It's impossible to keep surprises from you! Every year you work out what you're getting, either through interrogation techniques, vigorous present shaking or some kind of telekinetic super-powers.
The Drama Queen

Some say you like to cause a little drama, but you know you're just keeping things interesting. You're doing everyone a favour really - they just don't always see it that way...
The Prankster

The toilet seat covered in cling wrap, the airhorn hidden behind the door, covering your friend's car in sticky notes... You are the Queen of pranks, and that earns you a spot on the list year after year.