Once you enter, there’s no turning back until Halloween is over.

Hope you don’t scare too easily...

In Halloweenia, the restaurants pretty much serve nothing but Halloween candy.

At the local cinema, you're sure to get some thrills and chills.

It's a popular place for dates. Better not be late though – it could be VERY hazardous to your health.

I like to take the time to learn a bit about the history of Halloweenia. The royal family bloodlines are FASCINATING.

Thankfully, Halloweenia has a good internet connection – how else would we keep up with our favourite influencers on Trick-Tock and Instagore?

There are no regular trains in Halloweenia, only ghost trains. They’re the best way to get from A to DOA.

Every year, the town holds a Miss Halloweenia pageant. You could say that all eyes are on the winner – and all her eyes are on you.

There’s often a long line for the hottest clubs – but you can always bribe the bouncer to get you in. A couple of toes will usually do the trick.

There are always bargains to be found in Halloweenia’s boo-tiques – especially if you don’t mind the odd blood stain.

If you’re a good cook, you might consider entering the annual pie baking contest. Just be aware that the competition can get a little FIERCE.

So now you know why I love Halloweenia so much. In fact, I’m DYING to go back again next year.

How about you?