Choose Your Own Tale Of Terror

Choose Your Own Tale Of Terror

You are driving on an unfamiliar country road when your car suddenly breaks down. You pick up your phone to call for help, but the battery is dead. Strange – you remember it having a full charge.

You exit your car and take a look around. The only building you can see is a large, but rather dilapidated house, perched at the very top of a nearby hill. You decide to climb up to it, and see if anyone is home to help.

The second you knock on the door, a voice responds, as though someone was waiting for you. “Come in,” they say…

Find out what happens next…

Choose Your Own Tale Of Terror

You enter the house and find yourself face-to-face with an entire family. Or so you think…

They seem friendly enough, but there is something strange about them and the way they look at you, and then at each other – as though you are the subject of a private joke.

You explain your predicament and ask if they have a phone you can use.

“Grandmother is using it right now,” one of the family members responds. “While you are waiting, have a refreshment.”

They offer you a tray with an array of different-coloured drinks, in elaborate glassware. Which do you choose?

You take a sip of your drink. Almost immediately, your vision begins to go dim. You can hear laughter chiming around you as you sink into unconsciousness.

When you come to, you are lying on a cold bathroom floor. You hear a noise behind you, and quickly get to your feet. A woman stands in front of you.

<“Oh dear,” she says. “Are you ill? A touch of poison, perhaps? Never mind, I’m a nurse. I have the antidote right here.” She holds up a syringe and advances towards you.

What do you say?

Before the nurse can inject you, a creature suddenly bursts through the door. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before: it has parts that are vaguely human, but altogether too many of them, and in all the wrong places. A horrible groaning noise emanates from one of its three mouths.

“Hey, what are you doing out of bed?” the nurse says to the creature. It groans again and shuffles towards her. You take advantage of the distraction to slip through the open door.

You find yourself in a long corridor with multiple closed doors, all of different materials. Which door do you go through?

You open the door – and walk right into a party. At first, you think it must be a costume party – the numerous guests look like vampires, werewolves, zombies, witches, ghouls… all kinds of spooky characters. But as you make your way into the room, squeezing past dancing couples and groups of cackling friends, it becomes apparent that these aren’t costumes – the monsters are real!

You immediately try to back out to the door, but the crowd surges around you, driving you towards the back of the room. There, you find the family that first welcomed you hovering (some, quite literally) around a piano.

“Ah, our new friend!” one of them says. “Please, request a song!”

Which song do you choose?

Apparently, your choice was a banger for this crowd – as soon as it starts to play, the whole room is in an uproar of singing, dancing and foot-stomping. The floor begins to shake. In fact, it begins to fall apart!

Just before the floor comes crashing down – taking all the party-goers with it – you make an uncharacteristically athletic leap across the room and through a small side door. You slam it shut against the dust billowing from the ruined room behind you.

As you catch your breath, you spot the very thing you came to this cursed house to find – a telephone, held tightly by a skeleton wearing the tatters of a faded floral dress! Now you know what the family meant when they said “Grandmother is using the phone”...

You prise the phone out of Grandmother’s bony hands and reach for the dial – only to feel those same bones clamp around your shoulder.

“Give Granny a hug, dear” the skeleton rasps.

What do you say?