Can you survive a visit to the vampires’ lair?

Can you survive a visit to the vampires’ lair?

You have been lost in the desert for days. You are sunburned and thirsty, exhausted, and inexplicably craving donuts. 

You battle your way through another sandstorm, unable to see your own hand in front of your face. As you breathlessly crest the top of a dune, the sand suddenly clears – and you can see the shape of a building looming out of the sand in front of you. Is it a mirage?

You stumble closer, and details of the building emerge – it has the appearance of a large Victorian manor, but somehow out here, in the middle of the desert. You touch the heavy wooden front door – it is no mirage.

Find out what happens next…

Can you survive a visit to the vampires’ lair?

Before you even knock, the door swings open, causing you to fall inside. A woman helps you up.

“You poor weary traveller,” she says. “Let us help you. Do you need water? Somewhere to rest? Some food? Or…a donut, perhaps?”

Which do you say yes to first?
Feeling a little better, you take the time to really look at your surroundings. This manor is huge, and elaborately furnished. The woman smiles at you, and for a minute, you catch a glimpse of what appear to be unnaturally long teeth.

“Let me show you around,” she says. “Which room do you want to see first?”

Which do you choose?
You have not toured much of the house when another woman suddenly appears behind you, startling you. The two of them laugh at your reaction. “Hello, sister,” says the woman who welcomed you into the house. “Please meet our guest.”

The other woman smiles widely, and now you know you’re not imagining things – like her sister, she has two long fangs! They are vampires!

“Oh, how wonderful,” she says. “You are just in time for the feast!” What do you say?
The vampires laugh and each grab one of your arms. They are much stronger than they look. Rather forcefully, they walk you into a large dining room and tell you to choose a seat at the table. Which do you choose?
“Now, the feast can begin,” one of the vampires says gleefully. “But first, we have a little pre-dinner ritual.”

The vampires walk around the room, and around you. They are like cats circling their prey. They say words in a language you don’t understand, walking faster and faster, until they are just a blur. Abruptly they stop, standing right above you. No – hovering above you. They are flying!

“It is time to feast,” they say. “Will you join us?”

What do you say?