Can you pull off a Holiday Heist?

First of all: what are you actually heisting?

What does your getaway vehicle look like?

What’s your destination?

Where do you stop to rest?

What snacks do you take along for the road?

Can you pull off a Holiday Heist?
You get distracted by a party

You are almost at your destination, when you find out about a really good holiday party nearby. You decide to go check it out – and end up getting so sidetracked you forget about the heist altogether.
You got away with it!

You reach your destination, stolen goods in hand. You’ve pulled off the perfect heist!
It didn't go well...

You were spotted by the authorities, who immediately gave chase. To throw them off the scent, you turned down an unmarked dirt road in the dark. Unfortunately, the road unexpectedly ended in a cliff. You ended up in the ocean beneath it, where you were promptly nommed by sharks.
Oh no, you got caught!

Oh no, you got caught! You end up spending the entire holiday season locked away. But your cell mate turns out to be Santa Claus himself (who was in trouble for violating some elf labour laws) and he suggests you take over his job when your time is up. Think of how much easier all your future holiday heists will be!

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