Burned Velvet Vs Flocked Fabric: What’s The Difference?

Burned Velvet Vs Flocked Fabric: What’s The Difference?

Our Burned Velvet and flocked fabrics are two of our absolute favourite designer fabrics! You guys absolutely love them, but if you’re new to the world of BV and flocked fabrics, you might be thinking “hang on, they look similar, what’s the difference?”

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Let’s get technical:

Burned Velvet Fabric

BV is a designer fabric that starts its life as an all-over velvet and then undergoes an etching process called devoré (or burnout) to create the chosen pattern, leaving sheer sections where the etching has occurred. The fabric is also dyed which allows for the use of lots of awesome colours! Sometimes we use established patterns (like our original Burned Velvet), and sometimes we create our very own custom patterns with the help of amazing fabric makers! 

Being a velvet base fabric, the pattern sections are fuzzy to the touch!

Pictured: The Burned Velvet Hex Blood fabric from the Welcome to Halloweenia collection (2020)

Flocked Fabric

Our flocked fabric is also a designer style fabric! Instead of having fibres burnt out of the fabric like the BV, the flocked design is created by printing small fibres using a specialised adhesive and heat setting to make fibres adhere to the base of the material. We like to use a sheer base material. 

This technique gives a similar raised effect to the BV, however it often leaves more of a suede like effect. This fabric technique works really well for designs with fine lines and details. 

Pictured: Nest of Snakes fabric from the Welcome to Halloweenia collection (2020)

We’re here to help!

If you’re still a little unsure about sizing, don’t stress – our fabulous CS wizards are here to help! Not only are they magical, they’re Sharkies just like you, so they know how the garments physically fit. If you’re able to send through your measurements (hip, waist and bust) to hello@blackmilkclothing.com and let us know which style you’re interested in – we’ll be able to give you some tailored sizing advice and let you know how you can expect different pieces to fit. We want to help find the perfect size for you that suits your style and preferences!

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