Brr… it’s cold in here Toasties and Cosy Leggings to the rescue!

Brr… it’s cold in here Toasties and Cosy Leggings to the rescue!

If you’re feeling the cold, we’ve got just the thing! 

Our Cosy Leggings and Toasties are warmer than regular leggings and will be your go-to during the colder months! 

The type of fabric we use for these styles has a light fleece feel on the inside that’s soft to the touch and is sure to keep away the chill.

So what’s the difference between Toasties and Cosy Leggings? 

Both styles use a similar style fabric that feature a light fleecy feel on the inside, but there are a few differences between these two products.   


Toasties start their life as plain white fabric. All of the incredible Toasties you see – we’ve printed right here at BMHQ using sublimation technology!

Emma’s at the front of the sublimation printing press getting the print and white fabric ready to go!

Just like magic! Beau is taking the freshly printed panels from the back of the press.

And voilà- printed toasties in all their glory!

Cosy Leggings

Cosy Leggings are a designer legging. This fabric does not required printing! 

As designer fabrics are created and dyed using different technologies, the fabrics (although very very similar) can vary just a little. You should still always be able to rock your recommended size as we create brand new patterns for each new fabric to ensure consistency.  

Our Cosy fabric is a little more lightweight than our printed Toastie fabric, but will still keep you comfy and warm! Don’t forget – you can always check out more info on the specific fabric used in the product descriptions on our website! ^_^

Check out that fleecy inside!

Cosy and warm on the inside, and super cute on the outside!

We’re here to help!

If you’re still a little unsure about sizing, don’t stress – our fabulous CS wizards are here to help! Not only are they magical, they’re Sharkies just like you, so they know how the garments physically fit. If you’re able to send through your measurements (hip, waist and bust) to

and let us know which style you’re interested in – we’ll be able to give you some tailored sizing advice and let you know how you can expect different pieces to fit. We want to help find the perfect size for you that suits your style and preferences!

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