Let’s be real: BlackMilk addiction is a thing.


Sure, it’s all innocent at first. You start off thinking “I’ll just try ONE pair of leggings. How addictive can they be, really?” Before you know it, you’re sleeping on piles of shiny fabric, your postie has expressed concern about the number of black parcels you receive and your family is threatening to stage an intervention.

Hey, we aren’t here to judge. In fact, we believe that BlackMilk addiction can only be treated with one thing: MORE BLACKMILK. And that’s exactly what our rewards program gives you.

Here’s what you get:


50 pieces: $130 AUD gift voucher.


100 pieces: $130 AUD gift voucher.


200 pieces: $250 AUD gift voucher OR a one-off, designed-by-you printed custom piece.


300 & 400 pieces: $250 AUD gift voucher OR any printed piece from the Museum (yep – you can finally get your hands on that dream piece!) PLUS a $50 AUD gift voucher.


500, 600, 700, 800 & 900 pieces: $250 AUD gift voucher OR a one-off, designed-by-you printed custom piece.


1000 pieces: $250 AUD gift voucher AND a one-off, designed-by-you printed custom piece AND you’ll have the chance to be featured on one of our social media channels to be celebrated as the incredible Sharkie that you are!


1000+ pieces: Wow, okay. This level of dedication deserves special recognition… We now pronounce you a Mega-Sharkie of epic proportions. For every 100 pieces you purchase over 1000 (which you’ll probably hit like, next week, right?), you can take your pick between a $250 AUD gift voucher, or a designed-by-you printed custom piece.

So, you want in?

Good news: if you have ever purchased from us, you’re already in!


How it works:

Our rewards program works on piece counts – the number of individual items you’ve bought. Once you hit certain milestones (50, 100, 200, etc.) you’re eligible for a reward!

If you want to know how close you are to reaching a milestone, contact our Customer Experience wizards – they have a computer thingamabob (that’s the technical term) that adds up your current store count. When you know you’ve reached a milestone, sound the alert (by which we mean, contact our CX team again!) and they will organise your reward!


Things you need to know:


* Only those items purchased under your name / email address count towards your piece total.

* Inside Out styles are only available as custom pieces from 500 pieces onwards.

* Museum pieces can be selected from any printed items that have been released on our website (excluding licensed gear, one-off and unreleased samples, Feeding Frenzy items, any styles that are not locally produced). However, if we no longer have the files or if the item wasn’t released in our current BM Fit sizing, we may not be able to reproduce that particular item. Luckily, we have lots of awesome pieces to choose from! If you’re unsure whether your dream piece is eligible, you can always get in touch with our Customer Experience Team to check.

* Returned items DO NOT COUNT towards your piece total.

* Items purchased at sample sales or not directly from BlackMilk Clothing (e.g. from TIBBS & BONES or secondhand) do not count towards your piece total.

* Items that are priced at $29 and under as well as hosiery, do not count towards your total piece count. Sorry, we couldn’t make it that easy!

* Rewards Program subject to change at BlackMilk’s discretion at any time.

1.The reselling of any promotional items (including, but not limited to, gift vouchers and custom garments offered as part of the BlackMilk Rewards Program) for more than the recommended retail price is strictly prohibited.

2.Upon qualifying for a custom garment reward through the Rewards Program, as verified by BlackMilk, we will require you to provide us with certain necessary information and approve one digital mockup within a reasonable time.

3.Although we will strive to provide you with an exceptional custom garment, the allocated time that BlackMilk will spend designing each custom garment will be limited and the time limit will be solely at BlackMilk’s discretion.