BlackMilk Clothing Podcast

BlackMilk Clothing Podcast

Listen to jL and super Sharkie Sam chat about releases, product sneaks, stories from behind the nylon curtain and more in this series of podcasts.

Episode 3: Scene Kids & Voodoo Dolls

jL and Sam revisit 2000s fashion and why Sam is in her third emo phase. jL asks what makes a perfect active legging, and gives us a sneak peek into the next collection (hint: lots of tartan!). Plus, which BMHQ team member used to be jL’s boss?

Episode 2: All Things Fluffy

jL and Sam wrap up Lost Treasures and uncover some upcoming gems in the Monumental Museum release. Sam reveals her all-time favourite collection, and jL struggles to find the right word to describe ‘carpet fluff’ (spoiler alert: the word he was looking for is ‘pile’).

Episode 1: Lost Treasures

Introducing our brand new podcast (audio this time, not video, because why did we ever call videos podcasts?)! jL teams up with super Sharkie and former Social Media queen Sam to chat about the inspo behind the Lost Treasures release.