BlackMilk Clothing Podcast

BlackMilk Clothing Podcast

Listen to jL and super Sharkie Sam chat about releases, product sneaks, stories from behind the nylon curtain and more in this series of podcasts.

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Episode 11 – Unicornia High

jL reveals his original inspiration behind the Plastic Fantastic collection – would you go to Unicornia High? jL and Sam chat about their favourite pieces from Plastic Fantastic, debate whether pegacorn is a word, and ask the ultimate fashion question: is it possible to wear latex without finding yourself in a Ross Gellar situation?

Episode 10 – Pineapples and Pinky Promises

jL and Sam have a guest this week, Kristy! They discuss fun future collection plans and reminisce about ye olde BlackMilk. Plus, is jL is a scruncher or a folder? Should Kristy go full Leeloo? And will James say the secret word? Buckle up, because this week it’s a long one haha.

Episode 9 – What’s Your Style?

jL and Sam debate: is it better to be an 80s kid, or a 90s kid? jL regales us with some of his celebrity spotting adventures, and takes a look at some of the featured products coming out in SOMO. Plus, Sam makes jL take our ‘What’s Your Style?’ quiz (take it yourself and see if you get the same result!).

Episode 8 – Story Time With jL

jL and Sam wrap up The Harvest collection, and discuss just how many different kinds of goth there can be. jL goes way back to the Thirst collection from April, and tells the original story behind the collection. Sam asks who jL’s celebrity man-crushes are (can you guess?). Plus: should jL throw his hat into the US presidential ring?

Episode 7 – What Is Latin For ‘Don’t Eat Meatballs?’

jL and Sam are back talking about The Harvest and ask the question: What exactly IS being harvested here, anyway? jL shows off his Latin prowess with an in-depth look at some of the products from the collection, including the newly dubbed ‘Don’t Eat Meatballs In This’ dress. Plus: will jL and Sam get matching tattoos?

Episode 6 – Gettin’ Spooky

jL and Sam talk about the inspo behind the upcoming goth collection (complete with sound effects!), with an exciting announcement about a certain epic bodysuit (oooh! ahhh!). jL gives a sneak peek into what’s in store for Halloween (woooooo!), and all the product possibilities latex has to offer (squeak?).

Episode 5 – Looking Into The Future, Talking ‘Bout The Past

jL and Sam chat about the phenomenon that was the Pokémon release – will there be more on the way? jL reveals the future of active wear at BlackMilk, ponders the potential of new products (BlackMilk plushies, anyone?) and hints at the next collection. Plus, a deep dive into pop culture past with Will Smith, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Masters Of The Universe and more.

Episode 4 – Questions & Answers

jL and Sam answer Sharkie questions (and ask a few of their own…): Are puns funny? (Yes!) Are more goth pieces on the way? (Hell yes!!) Will we ever see the return of the Beer Leggings? (Nope!) Is jL still allowed in front of a camera? (Maybe?) And what could the ‘huge licensing deal’ jL hints at possibly be?

Episode 3: Scene Kids & Voodoo Dolls

jL and Sam revisit 2000s fashion and why Sam is in her third emo phase. jL asks what makes a perfect active legging, and gives us a sneak peek into the next collection (hint: lots of tartan!). Plus, which BMHQ team member used to be jL’s boss?

Episode 2: All Things Fluffy

jL and Sam wrap up Lost Treasures and uncover some upcoming gems in the Monumental Museum release. Sam reveals her all-time favourite collection, and jL struggles to find the right word to describe ‘carpet fluff’ (spoiler alert: the word he was looking for is ‘pile’).

Episode 1: Lost Treasures

Introducing our brand new podcast (audio this time, not video, because why did we ever call videos podcasts?)! jL teams up with super Sharkie and former Social Media queen Sam to chat about the inspo behind the Lost Treasures release.