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BlackMilk Clothing Podcast

BlackMilk Clothing Podcast

Listen to jL and super Sharkie Sam chat about releases, product sneaks, stories from behind the nylon curtain and more in this series of podcasts.

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Episode 28 – Halloween Is A State Of Mind

After a loooong hiatus, your fav BM podcasters are back to talk about all things Halloween! jL reads his original story behind the Ghouls Night In collection – what would it be like to actually be trapped in a horror movie? jL and Sam take a detailed look at some key Halloween products, including the fluffy purple number known colloquially as the Grimace jacket, burned velvet cats (which are anatomically correct in one particular region…) and all the spoopy kitties, pumpkins and brains you could wish for. Plus: jL reveals his very strange driving habits…

Episode 27 – Goodbye 2020!

It’s the final podcast of the year! jL and Sam take a look back at the craziness of 2020: the high points (Tiger King, Baby Yoda, jL getting into cardio), the low points (global pandemic…) and everything in between. jL explains why making clothing is like being on a rollercoaster, and his idea for a business-based reality TV show. Plus: a sneaky look at the first collection of 2021, and a surprisingly deep dive into cult 80s vampire movie The Lost Boys.

Episode 26 – Sparkly, Shiny, Glittery Goodness

jL and Sam argue about bread, music platforms, and whether goats are cool. jL breaks down your top 5 from last week’s epic Monumental Museum release, and the standout pieces from the upcoming Stefania x BlackMilk swim collection – sparkly, shiny, glittery goodness! jL reveals some of his plans for next year (Unicornia High is coming!), while Sam reveals her surprising amount of NFL knowledge. Plus: strappy bodysuits, anyone?

Episode 25 – Stop! Collaborate and Listen

jL surprises Sam with a 90’s quiz to kick off the episode (how many will you get right?). They chat about some of the exciting things we’ve got coming up (hello exciting new collab..😏) and start gearing up for a big 2021. No podcast would be complete without some random tangents about eyebrows, the Two Towers, Love bombs and Baby Yoda. Oh, and this is now a ‘The Mummy’ movie appreciation podcast until further notice…

Episode 24 – Happy birthday to us!

jL and Sam chat about the origins of Feeding Frenzy and the top sellers from the Party Pooper release. They ask the important questions, like Are sequins the galaxy of fabrics? What unreleased samples do you want to see released? And what is the colour of a unicorn? And they reminisce about the last 11 years of BlackMilk, and celebrate our birthday!!

Episode 23 – Become The Thunder

jL and Sam chat about all the shiny things coming in next week’s Party Pooper collection (including the return of the famous Sheer Retro Pants!) and ask: is Sam the ultimate Party Pooper? jL reveals some upcoming swim designs, his favourite Disneyland rides, and his new James-Bond-inspired wardrobe for 2021. Plus: Is it a bad idea to name a fashion label after yourself? What car should jL buy? And what were some of the collection ideas you guys requested last week?

Episode 22 – It’s Not The Leggings On The Woman, It’s The Woman In The Leggings

jL and Sam chat about the craziness of 2020 (including last week’s apocalyptic flood at BMHQ) and unwrap the Unwrapped collection – what were your top five noms? Summer is here in Brisbane, which means new swims are coming soon (Sparkly! Pastelly!)… jL reveals a very special new fabric technology in the upcoming party collection – foil printed burned velvet anyone? Plus, jL and Sam want to know: if you could curate one BM collection, what theme would you choose?

Episode 21 – We Made Leggings!

jL and Sam break down your top 5 from Shake It Off. jL gets technical about the interaction between fabric and printing technology (pop quiz: what do BlackMilk leggings and National Rugby League shirts have in common?). jL gives a sneak peek at the next big release (Krampus, anyone?). Plus, can you guess what song got stuck in jL’s head while he was designing a new cheerleader skirt?

Episode 20 – All About Active!

It’s all about active wear this week! jL and Sam give a rundown on the products coming in next week’s active release – what makes them different to previous BlackMilk active gear? Why are you going to love them? And what makes active wear active wear anyway? Plus, jL and Sam describe their gym routines (can you guess which one is a self-described ‘cardio bunny’?).

Episode 19 – Brendan Fraser And Brown Goth

jL hints at the direction of the next goth collection (much to Sam’s dismay…). jL explains the difference between flocked fabric and burned velvet, and gives a sneak peek at the very very shiny return of the Hieroglyphics Gold print. jL and Sam want to know: do we need more touchdowns and shooters? What collabs do you want to see next? And should we let Sam design a collection inspired entirely by ridiculous 90s bro movies? 

Episode 18 – Principles For Living A Good Life

jL and Sam get deep and meaningful this week, pondering questions such as how do you live a good life? Why do all bad guys in movies have British or Russian accents? What direction do you want to see the next goth collection take? And should jL design some (wait for it)…leggings? Plus, some Halloween Sharkie love, an adorable letter to jL from some very small fans and, of course, all things Super Mario!

Episode 17 – An Education In Fashion

Kristy joins jL to chat about some of our favourite new pants styles coming in the Staycation collection – the Equestrian Leggings and Biker Pants! jL delivers a crash education on both Fashion Month and the 90s TV show Married With Children. Plus, sneak peeks galore with a hint at what to expect from this year’s Christmas collection, and a rundown of some of the epic prints featuring in our upcoming active release!

Episode 16 – It’s Fun Times Friday!

jL and Sam discuss the amazingness of the Halloween release – which products did you nom the hardest? And because we just can’t get enough of Halloween – it’s Fun Times Friday, which means four of your fave Halloween prints are available on Tie Front Tees RIGHT NOW! Plus, jL asks: could the CLB dress (Comically Large Bow) ever rival the humble LBD? What are Sam’s fashion regrets? And will we ever be able to have IRL events again?

Episode 15 – Gassy Witches

jL and Sam talk all things Halloweenia! They discuss their fave scary movie scenes, 2020 Halloween plans, and whether jL should go full dark goth. And should we bring back more playsuits? (um… is that even really a question….)

Episode 14 – Halloweenia!

Kristy fills in for Sam this week and joins jL to chat about “the Halloweeny elephant in the room”. jL gives us the lowdown on the magical, pun-filled land of Halloweenia, with a sneaky peek at some of the key pieces in the collection – creepy classifieds, the return of BV Hex, and glow in the dark fun, anyone? Plus: Kristy reveals BlackMilk’s new collab with I Scream Nails (and gives jL a manicure) and shares her ultimate tips for ninja-ing limited gear.

Episode 13 – Burgers & Bucket Lists

jL and Sam talk bucket lists – what does jL still have to cross off his? jL explains how the classic film Face/Off is just a few degrees of separation from BlackMilk (yes, really) and hints at some Fifth Element-inspired pieces in the works. Plus: shout-outs to some Instagram Sharkies, an active wear update, and jL answers the all-important question: where can you find the best burger in the world?

Episode 12 – Halloween Is Coming!

jL and Sam lay down the top 5 sellers from Plastic Fantastic (including the super cute Strawberries Mint Tea Party Dress!) and ask: do we want MOAR fruity dresses? (Yes!). Sam revisits some of the ghosts of BlackMilk Halloween past, while jL offers a sneak peek at this year’s upcoming Halloween collection and reveals his deepest, darkest desires for putting on weird fashion shows…

Episode 11 – Unicornia High

jL reveals his original inspiration behind the Plastic Fantastic collection – would you go to Unicornia High? jL and Sam chat about their favourite pieces from Plastic Fantastic, debate whether pegacorn is a word, and ask the ultimate fashion question: is it possible to wear latex without finding yourself in a Ross Gellar situation?

Episode 10 – Pineapples and Pinky Promises

jL and Sam have a guest this week, Kristy! They discuss fun future collection plans and reminisce about ye olde BlackMilk. Plus, is jL is a scruncher or a folder? Should Kristy go full Leeloo? And will James say the secret word? Buckle up, because this week it’s a long one haha.

Episode 9 – What’s Your Style?

jL and Sam debate: is it better to be an 80s kid, or a 90s kid? jL regales us with some of his celebrity spotting adventures, and takes a look at some of the featured products coming out in SOMO. Plus, Sam makes jL take our ‘What’s Your Style?’ quiz (take it yourself and see if you get the same result!).

Episode 8 – Story Time With jL

jL and Sam wrap up The Harvest collection, and discuss just how many different kinds of goth there can be. jL goes way back to the Thirst collection from April, and tells the original story behind the collection. Sam asks who jL’s celebrity man-crushes are (can you guess?). Plus: should jL throw his hat into the US presidential ring?

Episode 7 – What Is Latin For ‘Don’t Eat Meatballs?’

jL and Sam are back talking about The Harvest and ask the question: What exactly IS being harvested here, anyway? jL shows off his Latin prowess with an in-depth look at some of the products from the collection, including the newly dubbed ‘Don’t Eat Meatballs In This’ dress. Plus: will jL and Sam get matching tattoos?

Episode 6 – Gettin’ Spooky

jL and Sam talk about the inspo behind the upcoming goth collection (complete with sound effects!), with an exciting announcement about a certain epic bodysuit (oooh! ahhh!). jL gives a sneak peek into what’s in store for Halloween (woooooo!), and all the product possibilities latex has to offer (squeak?).

Episode 5 – Looking Into The Future, Talking ‘Bout The Past

jL and Sam chat about the phenomenon that was the Pokémon release – will there be more on the way? jL reveals the future of active wear at BlackMilk, ponders the potential of new products (BlackMilk plushies, anyone?) and hints at the next collection. Plus, a deep dive into pop culture past with Will Smith, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Masters Of The Universe and more.

Episode 4 – Questions & Answers

jL and Sam answer Sharkie questions (and ask a few of their own…): Are puns funny? (Yes!) Are more goth pieces on the way? (Hell yes!!) Will we ever see the return of the Beer Leggings? (Nope!) Is jL still allowed in front of a camera? (Maybe?) And what could the ‘huge licensing deal’ jL hints at possibly be?

Episode 3: Scene Kids & Voodoo Dolls

jL and Sam revisit 2000s fashion and why Sam is in her third emo phase. jL asks what makes a perfect active legging, and gives us a sneak peek into the next collection (hint: lots of tartan!). Plus, which BMHQ team member used to be jL’s boss?

Episode 2: All Things Fluffy

jL and Sam wrap up Lost Treasures and uncover some upcoming gems in the Monumental Museum release. Sam reveals her all-time favourite collection, and jL struggles to find the right word to describe ‘carpet fluff’ (spoiler alert: the word he was looking for is ‘pile’).

Episode 1: Lost Treasures

Introducing our brand new podcast (audio this time, not video, because why did we ever call videos podcasts?)! jL teams up with super Sharkie and former Social Media queen Sam to chat about the inspo behind the Lost Treasures release.