Available 7AM 20 March 2018

Cotton Candy Corn

For those whose fave colour is rainbow, this iconic print features five different coloured unicorns


BlackMilk Classics wouldn’t be BlackMilk without Galaxy. We’ve released 16 different galaxy prints –and this one is all new!

Tartan Punk Blue

Fun fact: The Evil Skater Dress isn’t really evil at all, it’s just a little bit mischievous (and super flattering!).

Times of the Day

A Princess Midi with pockets!

Fun fact: Alphonse Mucha was so prolific that the Art Nouveau movement was initially known simply as ‘The Mucha Style’.

Gone Batty

You guys really did go batty over this print when it was first released in Halloween 2016 – it was the top-selling print! So now you can sneak a little goth into your work wardrobe – our Flouncy Top is totally office-friendly.