Black Leggings: The Must-Have Closet Staple

Black Leggings: The Must-Have Closet Staple

Why you need black leggings in your wardrobe: 

That’s kind of like asking: why do you need cute puppies in your life? Ya just do. 

A staple pair of black leggings are cute, comfy and they go with EVERYTHING. They’re perfect for lounging around the house, popping to the shops, walking the dog, or brunch with your besties. Basically: you can’t possibly  regret adding a pair (or 10) to your collection.

We’ve got a whole lotta different kinds of black leggings to fit pretty much any occasion and personal style. Keep reading to find your perfect pair…

Matte Black:

BlackMilk Matte Blacks are iconic! Seriously, they should be in a museum somewhere.

Soft and buttery to the touch, with a four-way stretch that’s super comfy even after an epic pizza binge,these are your everyday, never-wanna-take-‘em-off kinda leggings. 

We recommend having at least two pairs in your collection, but we won’t judge you if you buy a pair for every day of the week.  

Styles available: regular waist height, High Waisted (HW) and HW with pockets.

Wet Look Black: 

Like the name suggests, this fabric has a totally badass wet look to ‘em.They’re perfect for adding a little extra shine to your everyday lewks, or you can dress ‘em up for a killer night time look. The fabric also has a four-way stretch, which means it’s way more comfy than it has any right to be.

Styles available: regular waist height, High Waisted (HW) and HW with pockets.

Push It Ponte: 

P-push it real good!

The fabric used in our Push It Styles is a Ponte fabric that is a little thicker to the touch than some of our other fabrics and has an overall more structured feel – and hugs your bod in all the right places and make you feel like eleventy million bucks. They’re perfect for working into your work-drobe, or everyday cute comfort.  

Note: We also offer our super popular Cuffed Pants in this fabric! Cuffed Pants are designed to be a more relaxed pant, as opposed to our tight-fitting leggings style. They’re available in regular height and HW


Our Cosy Leggings are (just as the name suggests) nice and cosy! The fabric has a light fleece feel on the inside, so they’re perfect for the colder months.You definitely need a pair of these in your ‘drobe for those chilly days – they’re also great for layering up with your fave skirts and dresses so you can still show your summer gear some love!

Styles available: regular waist height, High Waisted (HW) and HW with pockets

Note: If you’re ever after a killer printed pair of warm leggings, ‘Toasties’ are basically our printed version of the Cosy style. Toasties are a little thicker to the touch but still have that nice fleece feel on the inside to keep you warm. 


Slick and shiny PVC, we love thee. These are best for special occasions where you want to look totally badass. While they are still comfy, they’re probably not lounge-around-the-house-all-day kinda comfy. Save ‘em for events and those days where you need to feel a little extra epic-ness.  

Being PVC, these do have less stretch than some of our other leggings styles and might feel a little firmer. Don’t worry: we create unique patterns for each leggings style to best cater for the individual stretch of each fabric, so you should still nom your usual recommended size for the intended fit in these killer leggings.

Active (Black and Reppin’ It Black):

If you wanna get sweaty, these are the black leggings ya need. Unlike our fashion style leggings, these bad boys are made from the ultimate in active fabric technology so they’re tough, moisture-wicking, quick-drying and will stretch with your every move – all the things you need in an active legging. 

Our Superfit active fabric comes in a range of leg lengths so you can rock your fave: Smack Downs, Bike Pants, Battle Pants and Ninja Pants

Hot tip: 

We recommend rockin’ your brand new leggings with nude, seam-free undies. That will limit any possible show through and will give you the ultimate seamfree look – no VPLs in sight.

We’re here to help!

If you’re still a little unsure about sizing, don’t stress – our fabulous CS wizards are here to help! Not only are they magical, they’re Sharkies just like you, so they know how the garments physically fit. If you’re able to send through your measurements (hip, waist and bust) to and let us know which style you’re interested in – we’ll be able to give you some tailored sizing advice and let you know how you can expect different pieces to fit. We want to help find the perfect size for you that suits your style and preferences!

Sharkie style!

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